Brilliance unearthed

Limited collection Baccarat Residences

La vie


La vie Baccarat comes to life here in these nine residences, where an artful amalgam of Najdi heritage and French influence creates an unexpected and unforgettable fusion.

The timeless allure

of Diriyah 

Simplicity meets grandeur 

The highly walkable city offers myriad cultural institutions, kilometers of nature trails, and a host of the world’s finest brands, from fashion to haute cuisine. 



Concierge services

The five-star concierge team is on standby for the residents, ready to book a romantic night out or prepare an adventurous itinerary.  


A state-of-the-art gym supports healthy living with space for workouts, training sessions, and more. 

Private pool

Each residence features a stunning private in-ground swimming pool surrounded by lush landscaping. 

Private elevator

Residents enjoy a private elevator for direct access to the individual homes and parking garage. 

Private parking 

Each home features a 4–6-car private underground parking garage directly under the residence. 

Hotel amenities 

Residents can access the full hotel amenity collection, including a spa, restaurants, a pool, and event spaces. 

Fully furnished 

The bespoke, fully furnished homes blend Baccarat’s artisan opulence with Diriyah's grounded organic nature. 

Earthen homes, brilliant interiors 

Earthen homes, brilliant interiors 

The bespoke, fully furnished homes feature the finest fixtures, finishes, and objects d’art. 



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